TES Distribution Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinity Financial Group is a company dedicated to the marketing & distribution of fire protection products which specializes in fire protection system solutions for Consumers, Commercial, Government, Industrial, Law Enforcement and Military users.

TES is the industry leader in the Nano Particle fire extinguishing technology, a brand new fire extinguishing technology in the form of a solid condensed aerosol fire extinguishing system.

Compared to other conventional water based and foam technology, gaseous fire suppression technology & chemical powder technology, TES’s Nano Particles fire extinguishing technology can be characterized as zero piping required, user-friendly and eco green fire protection system solution.

TES provides a one stop solution for installation, and maintenance of a full range of fire protection equipment in portable series and fixed series system. TES has taken an aggressive marketing approach to introduce the Nano particle fire extinguishing technology into North America as a better choice fire extinguishing system.

The JE series Nano Particles portable fire extinguisher represents a state-of-the-art efficient green fire extinguisher product in the world. As the world’s smallest portable fire extinguisher, the JE series portable fire extinguisher is easy to operate and free of pressurized container, and requires no annual inspection and maintenance. Its new nano particles extinguishing agent has high extinguishing efficiency which are non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. The JE series portable fire extinguisher can operate normally at a temperature ranging from -20C to 60C. As the perfect substitute for traditional extinguishers, the JE series portable fire extinguisher can extinguish fire in such applications as security and protection, automobiles, residential use, outdoors, recreation, office premises and so much more.

Mission & Vision

To be the world leading provider of Nano particle fire extinguishing technology through quality products and services combined with aggressive strategic marketing.